• 6 WEEK


    Master the techniques you need to create lasting change & make healthy habits stick.

  • This past year has inspired you to make some changes.



    You’re re-negotiating where and how you spend your time.

    You’re re-evaluating priorities.

    And, you’re tired of feeling OVERWHELMED and BURNT OUT.



    You’re ready to be more conscious about how you live your life.


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    With the new year right around the corner, you see the opportunity to set new intentions.


    To declare a life for yourself that feels productive, purposeful, joyful and fun.



    How do you want to know yourself in 2024?


    Who do you want to see in the mirror?

  • You’re ready to fulfill on your motivation.

    To start a new conversation about how you show up for yourself and your loved ones.


    And to honor the daily health of your body-mind-soul.

    You’re feeling eager to implement new routines and habits.

    To find a way to be more consistent with your workouts and self-care.


    You’re ready to feel strong and stable in your body.

  • Fitness is not just about physical strength and stamina.


    A true indicator of your overall health and fitness is your ability to adapt to change.

    Helping you out of the murky inertia of indecision and overwhelm is my specialty.

  • Introducing the


    This program will revitalize your mind-body-soul and provide you a foundation of self-awareness, strength and confidence to carry you through the rest of the year.

    Starting on January 7th, 2024

    You'll get a step-by-step plan to elevate your mental well-being and physical vitality by focusing on your inner and outer strength.

    You CAN make healthier choices and fitness more of a habit this year.

    And you don’t have to figure this all out on your own.

    I am on your team.

    Join the waitlist to get access to a special sale - 15% OFF + a BONUS 1:1 coaching call! 👇🏻

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  • This bootcamp is designed to STRENGTHEN YOUR HEALTH AND FITNESS AUTONOMY through weekly strength coaching & growth mindset training.

    In our 6-weeks together from January 7th - February 17th you will:

    • Feel lighter in your body & calmer in your mind, so you feel more in control of your life.
    • Find routines that fit into your busy schedule and compliment your body, no more one-size-fits all approach.
    • Feel empowered to make healthier lifestyle choices, even when you have low energy or just don’t feel like it.
    • Improve your sleep, resulting in more natural energy throughout the day.
    • Have the tools you need to make your body, mind and soul a priority every day, even when life seems to constantly get in the way.
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    "Jessi's energy is inspiring and it is apparent that her well thought out workouts and precise cues are grounded in a deep knowledge of how our bodies work. 

    Her guidance has helped me finally connect to my core, even from across the screen!

    Jessi offers a real value with her programs by providing a variety of physical training through functional fitness along with yoga and pilates, with personal coaching and spiritual musings between workouts that support your whole being. 

    Jessi McMaster is an outstanding resource for anyone looking for inspiration, support, and true wellbeing."

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    “Jessi is one of the very best fitness leaders I've known, Her cues are succinct and clear. She has a fun sense of humor. She peppers her routines with helpful information about anatomy and inspirational sayings or quotes to empower the class.

    Since training with Jessi, I feel stronger, I've lost weight, and my body is more limber. I have less stress and more peace of mind.

    If you are looking for a trainer, Jessi will get you results you were and were not expecting. You'll feel inspired, cared for, strong, and lighter on your feet and in your heart.”


  • It is never too late. And you are never stuck.


    This will work even if you’re worried you won’t have enough time.

    Choose from 2 options:

    1. Attend the live trainings OR
    2. Customize the program to better fit your schedule - live trainings will be recorded & replays will be available until February 29th.

    Either way, I will be motivating & coaching you for the entire 6 weeks.

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  • Your vitality is worth this investment.

    The cost of NOT having a plan for your increased energy in the new year can only render similar results.

    You may have struggled with consistency in the past, but that’s because you were trying to exercise your body without addressing your mind.

    You don’t have to worry about that anymore.

    This bootcamp will help you master the techniques you need to create lasting behavior change & make healthy habits stick.

  • The 6-week Holistic Fitness Bootcamp is for individuals who are tired of playing guessing games with their mental and physical well-being, and are ready to find & establish healthy routines that will stick all year long.

    If you’re:

    • struggling to implement health & fitness routines which keeps revealing itself in your lack of confidence & feelings of instability in your body,

    • sick of having low energy & a cloudy mind, keeping you from being productive, creative and focusing at work,

    • tired of just going through the motions, always feeling overwhelmed, overworked & too exhausted to pursue anything new or exciting.

    Then it is time to show up for YOU.

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    "Jessi is a wonderful trainer and incredibly knowledgeable about health and exercises. Her high energy is motivating and she knows how to modify for your needs so you can achieve your goals. 

    She showed me a road map and a guide to increase my mobility, strength, balance and general wellbeing for past couple of months. Jessi takes time to listen and evaluate your body movement and makes necessary modifications. 

    Every week, I look forward to our sessions because I can sleep better at night and more energy in the morning. Also, her follow up texts and emails are the plus!"

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    "Jessi is so helpful and mindful of any issues like tightness or injuries. She teaches a good mix of strenuous, moderate intensity and gentle classes. And even though I have taken many classes with her over the years, she is always teaching me something new.

    Since working with Jessi, I am far more flexible and I have way more core strength. I notice when I lift heavy objects or get up from lying down, my core automatically activates, which relieves my lower back.

    Jessi taught me mindful movement and breathing techniques are a key to healthy workouts and her mindfulness training spills over into my everyday life

    You will enjoy and benefit from Jessi’s expertise in many subjects and she is super attentive to your individual needs. She is a great listener and excellent motivator!"

    Join the waitlist to get access to a special sale - 15% OFF + a BONUS 1:1 coaching call! 👇🏻

  • This Holistic Fitness Bootcamp takes you through 6-weeks of workouts, self-care routines & growth mindset training to empower you to make better choices for your health.

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    This bootcamp will follow my signature 3-part framework for establishing healthy habits.

    It is designed to be clear & simple, so you can focus your energy on being consistent:

    1. RECOVER - find a daily activity that helps you recover from stress & refreshes your body-mind.

    2. REJUVENATE - find a daily activity that increases circulation & motility in the body-mind.

    3. RECLAIM - find a daily activity that supports you being in charge of your mood & vibe.

  • When you join the bootcamp, you will receive:

    • 6-week at home workout & self-care program geared towards building strength through stability, mindfulness & healthy habits. You’ll receive 5 days of exercises a week, with 2 rest days (released M-F, with rest days on Saturday and Sunday, but can be adjusted based on your schedule).
    • Access to live 40 minute virtual classes every week (M-Th). These classes are guided live on Zoom & recorded so you have the option to attend live or watch the replay (available same day). Your weekly schedule includes:
      • a Pilates class
      • a Yoga & Breath Work class
      • 2 Cardio & Strength classes
    • A calendar & action plan of your workout schedule, accompanied by video links to dive into the trainings. This tracker includes ways to track your daily routines to help you maintain consistency and build healthy habits.
    • Weekly educational and inspirational emails with additional links and resources to keep you motivated. Examples include, positive affirmations, journaling prompts & more to help you follow through with your commitment.
  • ⭐️ BONUS #1 ⭐️ If you join the waitlist - One 30 minute private call, via zoom to identify your needs, goals & weekly commitments. (Value $55)

    ⭐️ BONUS #2 ⭐️ Check-ins after weeks 2 & 4 to adjust your customized training plan. (Value $100)

    ⭐️ BONUS #3 ⭐️ Seasonal Recipe Guide - a PDF of healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinner. Recipes are inspired by Ayurveda - to best support you during the current season of the year. (Value $111)

    ⭐️ BONUS #4 ⭐️ Seasonal Adjustments Guide - lifestyle & fitness suggestions - from Ayurveda - to best support you during the current season of the year. (Value $111)

    ⭐️ BONUS #5 ⭐️ Supplement Guide - includes suggested, all-natural, supplements to help enhance your workouts, increase your energy levels & improve your rest & recovery. (Value $111)

    ⭐️ BONUS #6 ⭐️ Personalized recovery, stretching, mobility or meditation practices sent as needed. (Value $250)

    ⭐️ BONUS #7 ⭐️ Mindfulness 101 Workshop - a pre-recorded discussion about what mindfulness is & how you can apply it to your self-care routines (Value $111)

    All together that is over $800 in BONUS CONTENT!!!

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    “Jessi caters to your body and mind’s needs. It’s not just about nutrition tips or movement motivation, but also acceptance and mindfulness.


    Since working with Jessi, I’ve learned to quiet the voices that hold me back from showing up for my well-being and I’ve been able to push my body past points I never thought were possible. I have more mobility, and bounce back quicker from hard situations both physically and mentally.


    I love her online classes, they help me keep to a regular schedule and Jessi is good at cueing even through those tiny screens. I also love how Jessi always seems to cue exactly what I need in the exact moment I need it! She is an attentive and knowledgeable trainer, and I highly recommend her.”


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    "Jessi knows her stuff. I tried out lots of trainers before I found Jessi, but none of them knew functional anatomy or could correct my form like she does. Good form has helped me get results."

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    "Jessi does an amazing job of keeping me motivated. Her energy and enthusiasm for healthy living is contagious. She pushes me to finish that last rep or that last squat. She is creative in her workouts and leaves us sweating!!!


    She takes the time to show us the “right” way to avoid injury. I have a bad knee and she makes sure to push me the right way and provides alternative methods to avoid issues. She checks in with positivity and holds me accountable can’t wait for the next round!!! She’s a rockstar!"

    Join the waitlist to get access to a special sale for 15% off PLUS a bonus coaching call 👇🏻

  • It’s exhausting to yo-yo back & forth, not knowing what really works for your body.


    It’s time to stop playing guessing games with your health & fitness.

    If you’re ready for a plan that will help tighten your tummy, increase your inner strength & clear your mind, then this Holistic Fitness Bootcamp is for you.

    After this program you will:

    • Understand how to create weekly self-care & exercise routines that compliment your body, your schedule and something that you’ll finally stick to as you navigate the rest of the year.

    • Feel confident to exercise on your own, without having to pay for a personal trainer or fancy equipment in order to see results.

    • Have the tools you need to include more positivity & health into your life, so you can sleep better & have more energy throughout the day.

    • Feel stronger & more connected to your body, & have the motivation to continue to show up consistently for yourself.

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    Hi I’m Jessi,


    For the past 10 years, I’ve been helping people of all ages & fitness levels reframe their relationship with movement. As a Holistic Fitness Trainer, I not only train people’s bodies, I also help them shift their mindsets to see movement as a tool for mental well being & physical vitality.


    My goal is to provide accessible health & fitness content & training in a welcoming space. I simplify how the body works to help you stay active & injury-free.


    There is no one-size-fits-all, but there are building blocks that we all can use to better understand what our body’s need, so we can design movement regimens that work for each of us.


    My coaching style focuses on strong foundations of body awareness & stabilization. I combine techniques from Yoga, Pilates, Strength Training, Massage Therapy & Mindfulness to craft well thought out & customized training plans to support all clients.

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