• Empower your team to feel vibrant and alive.

    Virtual and in-person fitness solutions to minimize stress and burnout,

    and build a culture of healthy energy in your company.

  • Are you a business owner or HR manager looking for a customized health and fitness plan for your company?

    Let's chat about how the Corporate Fitness Benefit can help you and your team 👇🏻

  • Chronic stress, back pain, fatigue and burnout reduce productivity and can bring down the morale of the whole team.


    But the good news is - the right health and fitness plan can fix all of that!

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    You want your team to feel their best, because healthy lifestyle management reduces insurance costs, enhances performance and improves company culture.

    Finding the right health and fitness solution for your company does not need to be complicated.

    You can keep searching for options, or you can choose a program that can be completely customized for what your company needs.


  • Are you looking for a health and wellness solution for your company that will keep your team engaged, connected and excited about showing up for their fitness?


    Is your company ready to promote a healthier lifestyle as part of their overall plan for success?


    A healthy team means better teamwork, performance and efficiency.


    Support your team in being the best they can be.

    Learn more about the Corporate Fitness Benefit 👇🏻

  • The Corporate Fitness Benefit program helps your team battle stress and burnout.



    Through customized offerings like live stream group classes, personal training, lifestyle management webinars, on-demand videos and fun challenges - your team will feel less stressed and more energized.



    Corporate wellness initiatives are not just a “perk,” they are necessary is you want a team that is productive, efficient and works together.



    Human interaction and personal relationships are key to reaching people and promoting a healthier way of living.



    I deliver a personalized fitness approach that compliments the technological world.

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  • Virtual Services include:

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    Virtual Live Personal Training

    Personalized health and fitness coaching.

    Meet 1-on-1 with a personal trainer to discuss needs and goals

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    Live Stream Group Fitness Classes

    Schedule a lunch break yoga class for your team. Or an after-work cardio & strength workout. These classes are presented live on zoom and customized to fit your team and your company’s needs.

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    Educational Webinars

    60-90 minute interactive discussions that educate your team about how to reduce stress, improve health and find balance.

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    On-Demand Workout Videos

    Choose from a library of workout videos you and your team can watch anytime and from anywhere. Library includes classes like; yoga, pilates, cardio, strength & active relaxation.

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    Online Health Challenges

    Keep your team engaged with fun health challenges that empower them to stay consistent with hydration, daily walks, meditation, and more!

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    Engagement Reporting

    Get a weekly or monthly report of how your team is participating and engaging with the health and fitness programs.

    In-person classes, coaching and workshops offered too!


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    “Since working with Jessi, I am far more flexible and I have way more core strength. I notice when I lift heavy objects or get up from lying down, my core automatically activates, which relieves my lower back.”

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    “I was impressed how Jessi was able to help me gain more awareness around certain muscles and their function in my abdomen, even over zoom! After working with Jessi, I feel empowered in my body, with more access to my strength. Anytime people are looking for a trainer to help them get down to the core issue, I recommend Jessi.”  

  • The Corporate Fitness Benefit is customized to fit you and your team's needs.


    Let's chat about how I can help you and your team 👇🏻

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    "Jessi is a wonderful trainer and incredibly knowledgeable about health and exercises. Her high energy is motivating and she knows how to modify for your needs so you can achieve your goals. She showed me a road map and a guide to increase my mobility, strength, balance and general wellbeing for past couple of months.


    Jessi takes time to listen and evaluate your body movement and makes necessary modifications. Every week, I look forward to our sessions because I can sleep better at night and more energy in the morning. Also, her follow up texts and emails are the plus!"

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    “Jessi is one of the very best fitness leaders I've known, Her cues are succinct and clear. She has a fun sense of humor. She peppers her routines with helpful information about anatomy and inspirational sayings or quotes to empower the class.


    Since training with Jessi, I feel stronger, I've lost weight, and my body is more limber. I have less stress and more peace of mind.


    If you are looking for a trainer, Jessi will get you results you were and were not expecting. You'll feel inspired, cared for, strong, and lighter on your feet and in your heart.”

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    Hi, I’m Jessi McMaster - holistic fitness expert and wellness coach.

    From traditional strength training to Yoga, from nutrition to sound healing, it is my mission to make the full range of wellness tools accessible for everyone.

    In 2013, I made a transition from the corporate world to running my own health and fitness coaching business.

    Today, I use mindful movement & exercise to not just train people’s bodies, but to enhance their overall experience of life. As a Holistic Health and Fitness Coach, I help people reframe their relationship with health to one that better supports the modern lifestyle.

    I help busy go-getters, entrepreneurs and companies adopt healthier lifestyle choices that fuel creativity, productivity and overall well-being. It’s one thing to “check the fitness box,” but it's another to do it in a way that keeps you pain-free and motivated!

    That’s where I come in.


    I utilize my training in Yoga, Pilates, Strength & Conditioning, Massage Therapy and Mindfulness to create customized, well-thought-out wellness plans that fit the unique needs of each individual and corporate client. I offer one-on-one coaching, group classes, online programs, workshops and retreats.

    Over the past 10 years, I have watched both sports and sales teams come together during the workshops and retreats I host. I provide the space and strategies to help your team connect with health and movement that best fits what you need.

    I’m looking forward to connecting with you to help build a culture of health & well-being for your team.

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    "Jessi's energy is inspiring and it is apparent that her well thought out workouts and precise cues are grounded in a deep knowledge of how our bodies work. Her guidance has helped me finally connect to my core, even from across the screen!


    Jessi offers a real value with her programs by providing a variety of physical training through functional fitness along with yoga and pilates, with personal coaching and spiritual musings between workouts that support your whole being. Jessi McMaster is an outstanding resource for anyone looking for inspiration, support, and true wellbeing."

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    "Jessi does an amazing job of keeping me motivated. Her energy and enthusiasm for healthy living is contagious. She pushes me to finish that last rep or that last squat. She is creative in her workouts and leaves us sweating!!! She takes the time to show us the “right” way to avoid injury. I have a bad knee and she makes sure to push me the right way and provides alternative methods to avoid issues. She checks in with positivity and holds me accountable can’t wait for the next round!!! She’s a rockstar!"

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