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    Movement that empowers you - not stresses you out ❤️

    Classes every week, live on Zoom.


    Offering: Yoga, Pilates Mat, Cardio & Strength Training


    Join the 6-week series, buy a class pack or drop-in for a single class!


    • Mondays - CARDIO &CORE 5:15pm PST
    • Tuesdays - STRENGTH 5:15pm PST
    • Thursdays - YOGA PILATES 8:15am PST
    • Fridays - STRENGTH 8:15am PST

    *All classes are live on Zoom*

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    "Jessi is so helpful and mindful of any issues like tightness or injuries. I have taken hundreds of classes with her over the years and I always learn something new. Good mix of strenuous, moderate, and gentle classes.
    You will enjoy and benefit from Jessi’s expertise in many subjects and she is super attentive to your individual needs. Great listener! Excellent motivator!"
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    "Jessi is one of the very best fitness leaders I've known, Her cues are succinct and clear. She has a fun sense of humor. She peppers her routines with helpful information about anatomy and inspirational sayings or quotes to empower the class.
    Since training with Jessi, I feel stronger. I've lost fat weight. My body is more limber. I have less stress and more peace of mind."