The #1 Way to Improve Stability in Your Body & Life

Why is stability important for health & well-being?

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In this modern (& often complicated) world, we could all use ways to make life easier.


Understanding the importance of stability, what it feels like & how to create more of it, is one of the simplest ways to reduce the negative effects of stress & regain control of your nervous system.


Cultivating stability will help you operate within life experiences feeling powerful & peaceful. Rather than experiencing life as stressful & restricted.


Stability is the feeling of having a solid foundation before you build anything. Or making sure you have good & fertile soil before you plant seeds.



In Eastern theory, stability is balancing your Muladhara (1st) chakra, or adding in more grounding, Earth energy vibes to your life.



Learning to cultivate stability within yourself will give you an energetic safety net that supports resilience through life’s ups & downs.







STABILITY IS SO IMPORTANT, because BALANCE is so important.


When you are out of balance, you put yourself at risk for illness or injury.




Both STABILITY & BALANCE PROTECT THE BODY from overuse & unnecessary wear & tear that often leads to illness or injury.



And in a culture that values rushing & quick fixes, most of us suffer from the mental wear & tear of anxiety & never-feeling-good-enoughness.



These are large stressors on the body because the nervous system gets overused by sympathetic dominance syndrome.




Sympathetic dominance syndrome is an imbalance in how the nervous system controls the body. The “on-switch” in our body gets jammed & we operate out of reactivity - which is draining & unsustainable.


Operating solely from the “on-switch” function of our nervous system creates an imbalance in our body’s ability to ward off dis-ease or heal.




⭐️ Stability offers a sense of protection because it allows us to feel safe & sturdy.


👉🏼 And when we feel safe, we can operate from a sanctuary of creativity, connection & joy. Instead of a dungeon of reactivity & depletion.





Before we dive deeper into how to improve the stability in your life, let’s first discuss what unstable feels like.




Feeling UNSTABLE IN LIFE, could show up as:

  • Constantly stressed at work, and/or with life
  • Stressed because you are always managing conflicts in your relationships
  • Disconnected from the world & others
  • Unable to set healthy boundaries for yourself



Feeling UNSTABLE IN YOUR BODY, may show up as:

  • Negative self talk & crippling self doubt
  • Your energy gets “sucked” out of you, leaving you drained
  • Not feeling “at home” in your body
  • Too busy to take care of yourself, always in a rush
  • Caught-up in cycles of numbing & avoiding your body
  • Apathetic or lethargic
  • Chronic pain, fatigue & weakness


We all have patterns of behavior that disrupt our ability to move forward in life.





Identifying when you get trapped in cycles of low, negative energy, gives you the power to choose something different.


Choosing different might look like practicing a new morning routine or consciously using new words to describe how you feel.



The point is not to get trapped in the black or white of good-bad, right-wrong, it’s about feeling stable in the gray. And allowing yourself the FREEDOM OF AWARENESS.




Awareness creates a space for EMPOWERED CHOICE.


And making choices that create more stability & balance in your body will make life easier.






When you feel stable in your life, it is easier to:

  • Communicate your needs & set healthy boundaries
  • Have the courage to stay kind in the face of adversity
  • Attract & manifest the life you desire & require
  • Have the confidence to share your creativity with the world
  • Reduce the frequency & intensity of negative feelings
  • Feel better through the curve balls of life





The #1 Way to create more stability is to bring awareness to your body.


Because your body is your transportation vehicle on this planet (& in this lifetime).




Your body has to process every experience, thought, emotion, sight, sound, smell & taste. Your body is amazing. The body is always absorbing & storing information, & at the same time, cleansing & adapting. It is working 24/7 to try to find homeostasis.


But, too often, you are driving your body-vehicle without an awareness of the maintenance it needs. And the body can only handle so much before it begins to wobble, becomes unstable & falls out of balance.







Here are 2 simple tricks to connect with your body on a daily basis, with the intention of creating more stability:






1. Become Friends with Your Feet. 

Your feet are your - most often - connection with the ground. Gravity keeps us from floating up into the sky, but being aware of & taking care of your feet will keep you connected to an Earth-like energy.


*Take 1 minute to feel your bare feet on different textures like carpet, cement, sand, grass, etc.

*Before going to bed, take 2 minutes to clean your feet. Wash away the journey of the day. Then rub oil (lavender is a personal fav) on each foot & give yourself a foot massage.






2. Practice intentional breathing 

In order to get yourself out of sympathetic dominance & remind your body you are okay. If you’d like guidance, follow along with this 5 minute practice. 





There are a lot of things in life you cannot control.


But who you choose to be & how you choose to show up, no matter what happens to you, is very much in your control. And cultivating more stability for yourself will make showing up with confidence so much easier.


Practice being in the driver’s seat of your life, instead of just a passenger.

inward & onward,

-Jessi Rose


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Hi, I'm Jessi!

For the past 10 years, I’ve been helping people of all ages & fitness levels reframe their relationship with movement. As a Holistic Fitness Trainer, I not only train people’s bodies, I also help them adopt mindsets & habits that fuel consistent mental well being & physical vitality.


My goal is to provide accessible health & fitness tools in a welcoming space. There is no one-size-fits-all approach - but, there are building blocks that we all can use to create stability & awareness that will help us function with strength & confidence.

As a college athlete & an active go-getter, I’ve had to navigate my way through several major injuries, crippling anxiety & back pain. Part of my journey is to share the techniques that have helped me rehab my body & minimize the occurrence of fatigue or burn-out.


Movement is an essential therapy to help the human psyche manage the stresses of life. I am here to help you find what works for your body & your lifestyle, so you can reduce pain & feel motivated to move more consistently.


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