The Ultimate Relaxation Breath: Bhramari Pranayama

Your Secret Weapon for Down-Regulating Your Nervous System and Fighting Stress

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Imagine being able to manage your anxiety with a simple trick.


How would it feel to know exactly how to release the tension and stress from your body?



Well, that’s what this post is all about!



A well-functioning vagus nerve

Our bodies are built to manage stress.


Our nervous systems are literally wired to accelerate and decelerate as needed. The vagus nerve is responsible for sending signals to the brain when it is “time to relax.”


The ability to reset and recover after a high-intensity situation is essential, so that you don’t burn out physically, mentally and emotionally.


The problem is that, for many of us, our wiring has gotten a little confused.


As a society, we have gotten really good at the go-go-go, acceleration part, but have forgotten how to tap the brake pedals on our own nervous system.


When the vagus nerve is actively doing its job - to signal to the brain and bring the body back to an equilibrium after any stimulating event, the body is able to repair itself.



Breathing exercises remind the body to relax


As humans, we have a difficult time letting go of our stress and moving on. Once the traumatic event is over, we tend to linger in the emotions. As we ruminate and worry, our psyches become clouded with blame and shame.


And because of this inability to “shake it off,” our bodies, especially our guts, are forced to work overtime without adequate recovery time.


This leads to overstimulated nervous systems and chronic inflammation - which both lead to illness and disease.



The Best Breathing Technique for Anxiety and Stress

I’m referring to this technique as the “ultimate relaxation breath” because it is extremely effective at altering your physiology almost instantly.


And it is safe for anyone to do, anywhere.



Humming Bee Breath aka: Bhramari Pranayama


This is a yogic technique that is very effective at activating the parasympathetic system and putting the body into rest mode.


How does it work?


By using the vibrations that come from humming to stimulate vagus nerve function and relax muscle tissue.


Benefits of Bhramari Pranayama:

  • When practiced regularly - it promotes relaxation and sleep
  • Reduces occurrences of anxiety and panic.
  • Down regulates the nervous system


Why is this breathing exercise so effective?

2 reasons.


1️⃣ Vocalize your vagus nerve


By humming on your exhale you naturally regulate the vagus nerve. The vibrations of the hum relax any tension in the neck, shoulders, face and chest - by releasing muscle tension you free up space for the vagus nerve to communicate with the brain.


Humming on your exhale is like a sweet lullaby for your nervous system. Soothing and nurturing your mind-body into a more relaxed state of being.



2️⃣ Lengthening the Exhale


A longer exhale naturally stimulates the body’s relaxation response - parasympathetic nervous system. A longer exhale slows down the heart rate, releases muscle tension and gets the body ready to rest and digest.





Having the tools you need to take your health into your own hands is what holistic fitness is all about.


Cheers to soothing the nervous system ✌🏻


-jessi rose

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